Prices and dishes are subject to availability and may change. Please note this is a SAMPLE menu. Please ask for more details.

available from
Monday to Friday: 12:30 – 3:00pm / 5:30 – 9:30PM
Saturday: 12:30 – 9:30PM
Sunday: 12:00 – 8:30PM


Soup of the Day 
(please ask) served with bread £7.00

Super-food Salad 
blueberry, asparagus, tomato,  super berries,
mixed seeds and carrot, with fruit dressing £8.50

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms
with garlic mayonnaise £9.00

Goats Cheese Gratin
with potatoes, bacon or mushrooms,
onion and cream £9.00

Grilled Halloumi
with Roasted Peppers
with guacamole, carrot sticks
and sweet chilli dip £9.00

Fresh Mussels Mariniere
white wine, herbs, garlic £9.25


Whole Baked Camembert   
warm ciabatta, garlic, rosemary, white wine,
chutney and apple £15.00

Greek Platter  
feta salad, tzatziki, houmous, warm ciabatta £15.00

Main Courses

Croque Monsieur
grilled béchamel, ham and cheese toastie,
served with salad and fries £12.50

Veggie Croque
grilled béchamel, mushroom and cheese
toastie, served with salad and fries £12.50

savoury French pancake with peppers,
goats cheese, sun-blushed tomatoes
and onion, served with fries and salad £13.00

Fresh Cream Omelette     
cheese and mushroom omelette
served with fries and salad £13.00

Old English Butchers’ Sausages   
served with creamy mash potato, peas
and red wine gravy £17.00

Mediterranean Tart 
served with crushed potatoes, green
beans, herbs and olive oil £16.50

Jack Fruit & Broccoli Cassoulet  
Tomatoe, herbs, garlic, shallots, cannellini
bean stew gratiné with vegan cheese
and breadcrumbs (gluten-free on request) £17.00

Butternut Squash
and Beetroot Wellington  
served with roast potatoes, greens
and vegan gravy £17.00

Home Made Pie
Chicken, mushroom and leek in puff pastry,
creamy mash (or French fries) and peas £18.00

Honey Roasted Chicken 
Dauphinois potato, garlic green beans £18.50

Minute Steak   
5oz sirloin, green peppercorn sauce,
served with salad and French fries £19.50

Fresh Mussels Mariniere   
white wine, herbs, garlic served
with French fries  £19.50

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Belly Ribs   
Served with French fries and coleslaw £22.00

Fish Special   
please ask for or see the specials board
for our fresh fish option of the day (please ask)


served with French fries, onions, salad, 
tomato and red onion chutney and coleslaw

Vegetarian Burger (with cheese) £15.50

Vegan Burger (with vegan cheese) £15.50

Breaded Chicken Burger
(with sweet chilli mayonnaise) £16.00

Lamb Burger with Tzatziki
(salad, onion and tomato) £16.00

“Boys in Mind Charity” Beef Burger £16.50
extras: cheese or bacon £1.50 each
(£1.00 of each burger donated to
Boys in Mind Charity

* Boys in Mind/Girls Mind Too is a Bath based Youth-Led organisation dedicated to breaking down the stigma surrounding male mental health, and ultimately preventing suicides. Through resources such as film, podcasts, and workshops, boys and young men are able to show their vulnerability in a safe way, role-modelling healthy dialogues around mental wellbeing and breaking down stereotypes.

The money that you and Vanessa at the Crown pub in Bathford donate, will go to help fund films and podcasts that the Youth advisers make and take into schools and colleges. Click here for further information


(NOT available after 5:30pm
and on sundays)

Baked ciabatta, served with salad and crisps.
Gluten-free, sliced bread is available on request

Grilled Halloumi  
with roast peppers and avocado £12.00

Roast Chicken
pesto, avocado and roast peppers £12.00

Bacon Lettuce Tomato
with garlic mayonnaise  £12.00

Herb Mushroom 
vegan cheese and roast peppers £12.00

Bacon & Brie
and cranberry sauce £12.00

Cheese & Ham
served with pickle £12.00


served with roast potatoes, mixed vegetables,
Yorkshire pudding, gravy, cauliflower and cream cheese

Pork Loin £12.00 / £16.00

Chicken Breast £17.00

Sirloin Beef £19.00

Lamb Shoulder £13.00 / £18.00

Vegan Wellington  £15.00
beetroot and butternut pastry


Pasta, Pesto & Cheese    £7.00

Chicken Nuggets & Chips £8.00

Sausage & Chips    £8.00

Omelette  (cheese & mushroom)     £8.50

Sausage Mash served with gravy & peas  £9.00

Slow Cooked BBQ Pork Belly Ribs  £11.00


Sticky Toffee Pudding
served with ice cream £7.00

Biscoff & Vanilla Cheesecake
served with fresh cream £7.00

Chocolate Brownie
with white chocolate sauce and ice cream £7.00

Knicker Bocker Glory £7.50

Mango Sorbet  
with blueberries and strawberry puree £7.00

The Crown Cheese Board
cheeses, crackers, apple and chutney £11.00

An optional 10% service will be added.  Please notify your server about any allergies or dietary requirements before ordering.  Our house dressing contains mustard and most of our dishes are cooked in butter, all our products may contain traces of nuts.

Please notify your server about any allergies or dietary requirements before ordering. Thank you.